Dr. How's Auto Repair

Random  comments, questions, observations & situations that we have found.....well, amusing!

From a woman with blown headgaskets on a V8 Ford: " Is it OK if I pay with frozen meat & food stamps?"  Now, how do I slide that through the teller window when paying the mortgage?  At least she asked up front.....


Unlike the people heading to a flea market in Syracuse with a separated front wheel in a Ford van and very limited English.  I never ask how someone is paying their bill, I assume that since work is needed and authorized, there's a means of payment..  So we get done with this job, about $400.00, and they convey that they have no money but keep pointing to the back of the van.  Which is CRAMMED full of African artifacts.  So, Suzy went shoppin' and ended up with these carved wooden elephant tusk looking things.  Couldn't fit them through the teller window either but our yard looks nice. 


Marty the Milkman from Long Island was taking his family on their last vacation together before his kid went off to college.  The tranny in their conversion van needed replacement, taking all of their vacation money and time.  We felt so badly for them that we allowed them to use our personal vehicle so they could stay locally but still have wheels.  Unfortunately, Marty had a suspended license, which was pointed out by our local police during a traffic stop.  Fortunately for us, instead of impounding our vehicle, the police went and picked up Mrs. Marty from the hotel and allowed her to retrieve both her husband and our car.  We let Marty stay at our home when he had to come back to answer his ticket, but we didn't let him use the car. :)